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Koontz Cleaning offers a $20.00 Referral Discount. Refer a client to us, then after we have performed their initial service, a $20.00 discount will be added to your next cleaning visit.

Koontz Cleaning Uniform


All personnel working for Koontz Cleaning wear a uniform, consisting of a White Shirt, Khaki Pants/Shorts and a Koontz Cleaning name tag. Our name tags include a picture of the employee and their name, as well as the Koontz Cleaning logo and it is also sealed.

Koontz Cleaning Uniform

Licensed and insured:

Koontz Cleaning is licensed and Insured. All of our employee's are given a thorough background investigation, before being allowed to work for us. This helps to insure quality personnel and safeguard any information provided to Koontz Cleaning or it's employee's. This also protects our clients, while our personnel are in their homes.

Delores Koontz

Our maids are 100% dedicated to leaving your work or living area clean, and freeing the hassle of maintaining it from your slate. Trust us, we get it. Paradoxically, the best way to get more done is to spend more time doing less. A new and growing body of multidisciplinary research shows that strategic renewal, that is having a more streamlined schedule – boosts productivity, job performance, and of course, health. 

Time is the resource on which we all rely upon to get things accomplished. When there is more to do, we invest more hours. But time is finite. Let Koontz Cleaning give you back some of that time so that you reinvest in other areas.

Koontz  Cleaning is a woman and veteran owned business originally opened in Pensacola in 1996. After many years of providing excellent maid service to both private and commercial areas in the panhandle,  the business expanded into the emerging medical field. Delores and her team have gained a vast amount of experience through independent consulting for several hospitals across the southeast, including UT Southwestern in Dallas, Wesley Hospital in Hattiesburg, Memorial Hospital in Gulfport, and Wuesthoff  Health System in Melbourne.  It is now time to bring that wealth of knowledge full circle as we return to our roots in native Pensacola. 

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Pensacola License: City #116052, County #47081